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There are over five hundred thousand licensed insurance professionals in the U.S. The average income in our industry is less than thirty five thousand dollars per annum. In the insurance industry perhaps more so more than any other industry, the professionals  beats by dre tour white createtefortunes and the amateurs make little or nothing. However in the insurance profession there is not a fine line between the professionals and the amateurs, the differential is colossal. As a consequence of our new economy,[url=beats]1279[/url], the competition for jobs is a frenzy. To compound the employment question, each year thousands more will graduate college and enter the job market, adding to the millions already looking,[url=buying]1019[/url], and the thousands who had planned on retiring but cannot because their nest egg was obliterated in the stock market crash. As the economy continues to deteriorate more individuals are going to be beginning businesses of their own once they accept the fact their job prospects are negligible and continuing to decrease. Many will be lured to the insurance profession. We are already seeing a migration to our industry from the real estate, mortgage, and financial services industries,[url=beats]1381[/url], with many more to come. The competition for clients is intense and will continue to get more intense as more agents try to stake their claim. In my view the war for new clients will not be fought in the living rooms or on the kitchen tables of main street USA as in the past. It will be fought in Cyberspace. Within five to ten years the traditional brick and mortar insurance agency will be as extinct as the dodo bird. Ask any insurance company executive what agencies are the top producers and they will tell you the agencies conducting their business online, overwhelmingly, outsell and out earn their brick and mortar contemporaries. The days of Joe and Pat Jones getting health and life insurance protection for their family from an agent who came to their home are ending. Like most from their generation, Joe and Pat both have jobs, they get home later than June Cleaver did. They battled traffic to and from work. They had to drop off and pick up their kids from soccer practice or dance class. The last thing they want to do is put up with an insurance salesman and be offered something at 8:30 p.M. Or on Saturday. They want to learn what's available to them online at home, when it's convenient (which is usually after the kids go to bed). They want to look at quotes online, do the exploration themselves, THEN have a professional help them translate the data they've put together and coach them how to better understand this crucial financial service themselves. They also want to be able to apply online. They never want to see an agent! They only want to engage with one when they need their questions answered! This is the new world in which health and life insurance agents find themselves. But this new world will provide a tremendous opportunity financially to those that can adapt. Those that choose not to, will not only degenerate they may eventually lose the good part of their clients. The truth is that our industry is moved by the CUSTOMER not the insurance companies or the agents. And the internet is where the prospective clients want to visit to get their health and life insurance. For the professional agent the internet presents the greatest financial opportunity since the invention of the insurance industry. Having an online agency removes ALL geographical and time restrictions. If you learn how to market, automate and outsource,[url=beats]1076[/url], you can literally earn commissions twenty four hoursa day EVERY day! The major online agencies are bringing in millions of dollars per MONTH not per year and they  fake dr dre beats have NEVER seen or met with their clients. In Chapter 8 I'll illustrate to you how to turn out thousands of dollars every month NOT  beats by dre beats solo hd by competing with the big online agencies but by piggybacking off their sales efforts.
Realize,[url=red]1480[/url], we all push the same products from the same insurers. The items that will differentiate you from your competitors are marketing, the information you can provide to  black beats your prospects, how you communicate and how painless you make it for the client to choose you as their consultant.Usiness. The agent who is the best in those areas will cut whatever slice of the online insurance pie they want.
Rick Liuag spent over 20 years as an executive for several telecommunications and technology companies before starting his own online insurance agency in 2004. He has been a top individual producer for mulitple companies each year since 2005. In 2008 Mr. Liuag founded Integrated Resources  beats by dre detox pro Inc. A company designed to train and mentor insurance agents on how to market and sell more  used beats by dr dre health and life insurance online. In 2009 he authored the ebook "How to Build Your Own Online Insurance Agency", an interactive training manual on what web based tools and strategies work best for insurance agents to prosper in the new internet economy. Learn more about the ebook at http://www.Theautomaticagency.Biz
Rick Liuag
SLM Marketing Inc
Corona,[url=beats]1275[/url], CA 92883
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